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When to Drink list

Optimal drinking times for our wines are very subjective. We like to think that our wines are ready to drink upon release, but that they will also evolve and mature for many years if properly stored. As guidelines for our customers who wish to plan their cellars, here are our best suggestions of when our different releases will be at their peak. As a general statement, within a vintage we suggest drinking in this order: Willamette Valley, Zenith, Sunny Mt., Estate, Shea, Reserve, Family Club Blends, Claudia's Choice and Marcile Lorraine.
A Drinking Timeline
Year bottled
1994Best to drink through 2015
1995Best to drink now
1996Best to drink now
1997Best to drink now
1998Best to drink NOW
1999Best to drink NOW
2000Best to drink NOW
2001Best to drink NOW
2002Best to drink NOW
2003Best to drink through 2018
2004Best to drink NOW
2005Best to drink through 2018
Best to drink NOW
Best to drink through 2017        
 2008                 Best to drink through 2022
 2009                 Best to drink through 2016
 2010                 Best to drink through 2020
2011                  Best to drink through 2018
2012                  Best to drink 2015-2025


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