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Claudia's Choice, Marcile, Estate
Pinot noirs are distinctive. We make wines the way we like them, not the way we're told the "market" likes. Over the years our style of Pinot noir has created a loyal following among people who like bold, rich, layered and ageworthy, hand-crafted and exceptional Pinots. One reviewer once criticized our wines as being "decadent." You know what decadent means? It means "marked by or providing unrestrained gratification." Yes, our wines are decadent. You bet they are!

"Simply extraordinary. . . If this is West Coast Pinot Noir, the French should start worrying because the length, the structure, the sheer acidity are just remarkable here." --Henrik Mansson, in The Wine Spectator, reviewing the 1994 Broadley Vineyards Claudia‘s Choice Pinot noir (the score he gave was 97).
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