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The Vineyards

Maximizing the Quality of Each Block

It is not hype to say that "great sites produce great wines." Rather, it is the winegrowing wisdom that guides our winemaking. We searched hard for the right site to produce our kind of wine. We found our ideal vineyard in a warm site within a cool climate—30 planted acres in the warmest and driest part of the Willamette Valley, just outside the small town of Monroe. Over the years, we've discovered that the areas or  blocks in our vineyards have  consistently delivered distinctively different characters — leading us to release three bottlings from our own vines.

Broadley Vineyards BlocksBlocks
Across the terrain of our estate vineyards there are many different changes in exposure, elevation, and soil. These variations impart different growing patterns, ripening times, and flavor characteristics to the grapevines. To help us keep track of these differences, we've divided our vineyards into separate blocks. For each block we tend the vines, harvest the grapes, and manage the winemaking in order to maximize the quality of each block.

Broadley Vineyards ClimateClimate
We are located in an area known locally as the "banana belt." The warm air and dry conditions are ideal for maturing Pinot noir grapes. We don't have to struggle to obtain ripeness, and we tend to be able to wait for optimum flavor development before we pick.

Broadley Vineyards ExposureExposure
Like a lot of things at Broadley Vineyards, we chose our planting site differently from most folks. We sought an eastern and north-eastern slope. We felt this exposure would help protect our vines from storms that traditionally came from the southwest, and it would also prevent problems with overripe fruit.

Broadley Vineyards Our SoilsOur Soils
The ground where our vines are grown is a vital component of their ultimate character. Our red volcanic Jory and Hazelair soil types give us good drainage without excessive vigor, as well as a good complement of minerality and spice that can be tasted in our wines.

Broadley Vineyards TrellisTrellis
Another aspect of our vineyard that you won't find in most other Oregon Pinot noir vineyards is our use of the lyre trellis system. A bit more expensive, we feel this approach nicely splits our canopy into two walls of grapes, giving them better sun exposure for ripening.

Broadley Vineyards ClonesClones
Our clonal selection is diverse. We began planting the traditional and popular Pommard and Wädenswil clones of Pinot noir in the early 1980s. At the time, that was pretty much all a grower had to choose from. Over time we added a number of different Dijon clones to the mix, providing us with a good variety of ripening characteristics and flavor components for our wines.

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