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Hand-Crafted & Exceptional Pinots
Our goal is to consistently produce dynamic and outstanding wines that are true expressions of the place where they are grown and made. We strive to make wines that make you stop and think. "Wine that will sing and dance for you."

We have been hand crafting wines for 25 years, (1986 was our first vintage) and are very appreciative of what Oregon wines have to offer and look forward to sharing our wines with you every vintage!

Broadley Vineyards It all starts with the grapes.It all starts with the grapes.
You’ve got to have great grapes to make great wine. We are farmers, so that we can be winemakers!

As the Oregon summer begins to wane into fall, our grapes begin to gather sugars and flavors as they ripen. Depending on the weather (historically we've had variable autumns, with coolness and rain, but since 1998 it seems each year has been hotter and drier than the previous one) we begin to plan for picking. Each day we closely monitor the developing ripeness of our grapes. We do this in many ways—including how the grapes feel between our fingers and how they taste to us picked off the vine.

Broadley Vineyards Sugar is only part of the equation.Sugar is only part of the equation.
We measure the amount of sugar in our grapes using a handheld refractometer (as Craig here demonstrates). While this is an important indicator of developing ripeness, it is by no means the only one. Firm and resistant grapes in the hand means they have plenty of juice, but it still may be a little early to pick. When the grapes are supple and very slightly giving, it means they're beginning to lose some water, thereby concentrating flavors, and they may be getting close to time to pick. We also take grape samples to our kitchen-lab and test for acidity and pH—but most important of all, we taste the grapes pulled off the vine. When all the measurements and personal judgement (and maybe even the planets) all line up—especially the depth and complexity of flavors—we know it's time to harvest.

Broadley Vineyards Hand harvesting is the only way to go.Hand harvesting is the only way to go.
When the time is right, we designate which blocks need to be picked and when to do it, then we and our crews go through the designated vine rows hand cutting each individual cluster and placing them in food grade plastic bins. The bins are transported to the winery (in the heart of Monroe) by truck and trailer. All of this work is normally done in the early morning, when the air is still cool and the grapes are less likely to start deteriorating. Speed is important, but no less important than careful picking.

Broadley Vineyards At the WineryAt the Winery
As the pick-up/trailer is unloaded, each bin's contents are either methodically dumped into our hopper and slowly moved into our de-stemmer, or the bin is set aside to be put into a fermenter for whole cluster fermentation. Rotating tines and a perforated drum neatly remove the grapes from their stems, dumping the raw material (now called "must") of our wines into larger white bins. The fruit is then transferred to a fermenter that is either wooden, stainless steel or plastic.

Broadley Vineyards Wooden fermenters impart unique qualities to our wines.Wooden fermenters impart unique qualities to our wines.
A good portion of our wines are fermented in wood, giving a richer, deeper complexity to the final wine. Likewise, much of our wine is fermented as whole clusters, stems and all, to add more structure and character. This is not "normal" winemaking in the Willamette Valley, but it is the way we like to do things (and the way our customers like us to do things, as well!). We also don't go in for rigidly controlling fermentation temperatures—we prefer to let the grapes do what they naturally want to do, acting only out of necessity if some element of the fermentation gets out of balance.

Broadley Vineyards Unfiltered, unfined,Unfiltered, unfined,
is the only way to go in order to deliver the true essence of our vineyards, and the pure pleasure of Pinot noir. We do not spend all of our energies on growing great grapes and making great wines only to strip them of their character through the necessarily harsh process of fining and filtering! We achieve our clarity and purity by careful winemaking and long ageing in new and one-to-two year old French oak barrels. This oak regimen also adds many nuances of character and style to our Burgundian wine, helping us create the unique Broadley style that so many of you savor.

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