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2014 Futures For Sale till May 3rd, 2015

2014 Futures
2014 "The Perfect Harvest"

Definition of Perfect: 
having all the required or desirable elements, qualities or characteristics as good as it is possible to be.

What a wild ride the last two years have been! 2013 was hot and dry until an early wet fall abruptly brought harvest to a rushed conclusion. The wines are ripe and beautifully fresh. And now 2014, again another warm dry year that is recorded as the hottest on record. The growing season started with a dry winter, lovely spring, hot dry summer and glorious fall weather. In other words it was just about as "perfect" as possible. We started bringing in fruit on September 11th from Palmer Creek and Zivo Vineyards in the Eola Hills. Our Pinot Noir at Shea Vineyards was picked on the 17th, (marking the 10th year we have made wine from one of the most respected vineyards in Oregon). During that week we brought in fruit from from Zenith Vineyards in the Eola Hills and Sunny Mountain Vineyards in the Monroe area. Our vineyard was finished on the 22nd of September. All wines were in barrel by October 8th. We are very excited with two new vineyard additions to the Broadley line up... Pinot Noir from Zivo and Chardonnay from Dennison in the Eola Hills.
We believe, (and think other winemakers would agree), that 2014 will go down as a "perfect vintage."  A bountiful crop of great wine.

The Broadleys



2014 Broadley Estate Pinot Noir

Our Estate bottling shows the power of our site. Composed of a variety of blocks containing older and newer vines, it represents a cross-section of the flavors producted by our warmer version of the Willamette Valley's "cool" climate - and at a price that allows a larger number of consumers to experience the "Broadley difference."

Estate Tasting Notes

  • Clones: Pommard, 115, 667, 777 and Wadenswil clone, 10% whole cluster, wild yeast fermented 
  • Characteristics: beautiful color transparent ruby red
  • Nose: red raspberry, red cherry
  • Flavor Profile: red currant, plum, cola, a little gamey, mushroom soft, full mouth balanced acid/tannins

2014 Claudia's Choice Pinot Noir

Claudia's Choice is a section that seems to consistently display a distinctive character. The vines in the this section usually ripen a bit later and often sets smaller clusters. The Claudia's Choice wines are not fruit forward - we want to display the big, dark, and complex character that typifies our Claudia's Choice release.

Claudia's Choice Tasting Notes
  • Clones: Blend of Wandeswil and Pommard, 40% whole cluster, wild yeast fermented
  • Characteristics: beautiful color, transparent ruby red
  • Nose: wild strawberry, blackberry and minerality
  • Flavor Profile: bramble fruit, chalky, burst of well balanced mid-acid, palate of acid and tannins

2014 Marcile Lorraine Pinot Noir

Marcile Lorraine is produced each year from the same distinctive block of old vine Pinot noir, we use a cooler fermentation, tighter-grained wood, and low toast barrels. The result is a big, jammy, spicy, wine with plenty of up-front dark fruit character - the kind of wine that lots of people love!

Marcile Lorraine Tasting Notes
  • Clone: Wadenswil and Pommard, 30% whole cluster, wild yeast fermented
  • Characteristics: beautiful color, transparent ruby red
  • Nose: cherry, blueberry, beet, mineral, rose petal, slight anise
  • Flavor Profile: black cherry, red raspberry, concrete mineral, front palate burst of tannic edge



2014 Jessica Pinot Noir

Jessica Jessica is named for Morgan Broadley’s wife and mother of their two lovely daughters’.  Jessica is produced each year from the same distinctive Dijon Clone section of 667 & 115 that sits in a protected NE mid slope on the estate vineyard surrounding their home. 

Jessica Tasting Notes 

  • Clones: Dijon 667 and 115, 30% whole cluster wild yeast fermented
  • Characteristics: beautiful color, transparent ruby red
  • Nose: ripe strawberry, mineral, red cherry, spice
  • Flavor Profile: bright cranberry, cherry, balanced acid/tannins front to mid palate

2014 Shea Vineyards Pinot Noir

The Shea Vineyard, owned by Dick and Deirdre Shea, is perhaps the most respected and sought after growing site for Pinot Noir in the Northwest. Shea Vineyard's Yamhill County location and sedimentary soils give us a new terroir to work with, and a new expression of Broadley style.

Shea Tasting Notes

  • Clones: Wadenswil and 777, 50%  whole cluster, wild yeast fermented
  • Characteristics: beautiful color transparent ruby red
  • Nose: strawberry jam, black cherry, cinnamon spice
  • Flavor Profile: black cherry, blackberry, earthy, spice driven, full mouth tannins